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Caliber I.D. Viviascope 3000
Vivascope 3000 Vivascope 3000 Vivascope 3000 Vivascope 3000

VivaScope® 3000

Vivascope 3000

The VivaScope® 3000 is a handheld reflectance confocal imager that offers the ability to noninvasively acquire real-time tissue images at a cellular level in a light-weight and compact design that facilitates access to areas of the body that are not easily reached with our other confocal devices in support of the clinical decision making process

The VivaScope®3000 also makes real-time, imaging of in vivo epithelial tissue a possibility for researchers. The VivaScope®3000 system is designed to be used as a stand-alone device or as a complimentary device to the VivaScope®1500. It is suitable for human and for animal research.