Noninvasive Cellular Imaging of the Skin
The VIVASCOPE 1500 reflectance confocal imaging system offers a non-invasive way to
image the skin in vivo from the surface to the superficial collagen layers.*


  • Capture images up to 8 x 8
  • Macro and micro imaging
  • FDA 510(k) cleared





The VIVASCOPE® system is an in vivo
confocal imaging tool that uses a lowpowered
laser to provide non-invasive,
real-time, high-resolution images of
the epidermis and the superficial
collagen layers.* The system provides
optical sectioning of unstained
epithelium and the supporting stroma
at a cellular level that may be reviewed
by a physician to assist in forming a
clinical judgment.

VIVACAM® captures both clinical and dermoscopic images with a high-precision optical system.
  • High-resolution images
  • Optical Zoom: x15, x30, x50, x80, x120
  • Use to navigate within the macro image to specified corresponding confocal image
The VIVASCOPE 1500 generates single images of skin that are parallel to the surface or on the “horizontal plane” .

The position of the single image inside the skin can be changed by moving the objective lens up, down or laterally, relative to the skin surface.
A series of horizontal images captured while scanning laterally (”deep” or Z) into the skin. The images are captured by moving the objective lens of the VIVASCOPE 1500 up and down so that it can capture images at different horizontal depths within the skin.
An array of images taken on a single horizontal plane creates a mosaic. The VIVASCOPE 1500 allows the user to move the objective laterally which can capture a series of single images covering an area up to 8 x 8mm.

2018 Medicare Reimbursement for RCM
The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)* codes used for reimbursement for RCM (Reflectance Confocal Microscopy) procedure are:

  • 96931  Reflectance confocal microscopy (RCM) for cellular and sub-cellular imaging of skin; image acquisition and interpretation and report, first lesion
  • 96932  image acquisition only, first lesion
  • 96933  interpretation and report only, first lesion
  • 96934  image acquisition and interpretation and report, each additional lesion
  • 96935  image acquisition only, each additional lesion
  • 96936  interpretation and report only, each additional lesion

For a presentation on reimbursement by Daniel Mark Siegel MD, MS, FAAD, Clinical Professor of Dermatology, SUNY Downstate, click here. 

*CPT codes and descriptions only are copyright 2017 American Medical Association (AMA). All rights reserved. The AMA assumes no liability for data contained or not contained herein.

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  • Non-invasive image capture
  • Real-time cellular-level images of tissue
  • VIVACAM Images
  • CE Mark and FDA 510(K) cleared

Have questions about reflectance confocal microscopy (RCM) reimbursement?

Click here to watch a presentation given by Daniel Mark Siegel MD, MS, CPCD, Clinical Professor of Dermatology, SUNY Downstate.