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Caliber I.D. Viviascope 3000
Vivascope 3000 Vivascope 3000 Vivascope 3000 Vivascope 3000

VivaScope® 3000

Vivascope 3000

Key Specifications:

Horizontal Optical Resolution: <1.25 μm at the center of Field of View (FOV)

Vertical Optical Resolution: <5.0 μm at center of FOV

Depth of Imaging: Superficial Reticular Dermis; dependent on tissue

Single Frame FOV: 750 μm X 750 μm

Displayed Image Resolution: 1000 X 1000 pixels

Frame Rate: ≥ 6 frames per second

Imaging Wavelength: 830 nm

Laser System Classification: CDRH USFDA Class I, IEC Class 1M

Image Formats: DICOM-compatible bitmap/DICOM-compatible movie

Operating Environment: 55° to 85° F (13° to 30° C)

Power Source: 110-240V, 50-60Hz