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Caliber I.D. Viviascope 3000
Vivascope 3000 Vivascope 3000 Vivascope 3000 Vivascope 3000

VivaScope® 3000

Vivascope 3000


The VivaScope® 3000 shares the same applications with VivaScope ®1500, and also has the following features:

  • A hand-held microscope that enables clinicians to capture in-vivo images of hard-to-access areas of the epithelial tissue

  • The VivaScope 3000 can be used by clinicians to assist in differentiating tissue characteristics in-vivo in support of forming clinical judgments based on observable changes in the epithelium

  • The VivaScope┬« 3000 can also be used to capture in-vivo images that can later be reviewed by the clinician to evaluate any changes that have occurred over time

  • Imaging small animals