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Research Software Suite

Multi-faceted imaging software that features high-speed strip mapping and pixel-level accuracy.

Available with the research confocal microscopes, a Windows based software suite enables you to get an image with cellular level, down-to-the-pixel accuracy that delivers perfect homogeneity, generated with virtually no delay.


  • High precision image stitching.
  • Multi-dimensional imaging software offering single channel, sequential and simultaneous capture based on fluorophore requirements.
  • Scope control interface for setting up experiment positions and enabling laser saturation indicators (high and low), image averaging and exposure.
  • Experiment mode allows user to customize acquisition parameters to their experiment utilizing all scope and laser controls.
  • Windows-based storage structure capturing images in native 16bit TIFF image formats for easy conversion to analysis software.

Experimental Mode

Allows customizable acquisition parameters to experiment utilizing all available scope controls

Multi-Channel Image Capture

Offers single channel, sequential and simultaneous capture based on the fluorophore requirements

Seam Carving

Seamless stitching of mosaic images with pixel-level algorithm calculating optimal match of adjacent frames

Scope Control

Complete comprehensive control over all microscope functionality for fine-tuning acquisition settings before running a longer experiment